Street Stock 2024 Rules

2024 Yreka Speedway Street Stock Rules

1. SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Rules apply at all times car is on track. Snell-rated SA2010 to SA2020 helmet required. Roll bar padding required in driver compartment. Recommended: Fire retardant padding. SFI-approved full fire suit required. Fire retardant gloves, shoes and neck brace (or head and neck restraint) required. Right and left seat head supports required if using head and neck restraint system. Recommended: Fire retardant head sock and underwear, Driver-side window net required, minimum 16 inch by 20 inch ribbon or mesh style, and must be mounted to roll cage so latch is at top front of window. SFI-approved five point safety belt assembly required, must be mounted securely to main roll cage. Recommended: Safety belts no more than 5 years old. Kill switch required within easy reach of driver and must be clearly marked ‘OFF’ and ‘ON’.


  • Headers ok , no open exhaust , mufflers Mandatory
  • On all cars  must meet 95 dba at 100 ft


  • Steel engines only No allum heads
  • Aluminum intake ok 1 inch carb, spacer ok 
  • Wet sump only
  • No roller cams
  • Roller rockers ok
  • No stud girdles
  • No shaft rockers
  • Hei or msd Ignitions ok
  • Must have a rev limit option chip or dial
  • Max rpm 7400
  • Must be out of drivers reach
  • 750 max cfm
  • Carb 750 Holley   
  • 500 4412 two barrel ok


  • Any g-60 tire
  • No wissota or ump tire
  • Exception Old school a 40s or d 40s ok until gone
  • 8 inch wheel 8 inch tire
  • Bead lock ok on right side only
  • No more then 2 inch offset total
  • Mud covers ok on all wheels
  • Plastic mud covers only


  • Oem styles bodies ok
  • Aluminum or steel ok
  • No wedge bodies
  • Spoilers ok 5 inch max
  • Plastic nose ok no late model nose
  • Back of car must be enclosed to top of bumper
  • Steel firewall “ recommended “
  • Camaros are all welcome


  • All cars must weigh minimum of 2950lbs with driver at all times

Fuel/ Fuel Cell

  • Gasoline only no Methanol
  • Pump e85 ok
  • No fuel additives of any kind
  • Fuel cell must be in rear of car and in a steel cage and must be .40 thick
  • No aluminum cans


  • Brinn bert falcon ok
  • Any oem type transmission ok


  • No gold track or Detroit lockers
  • Full spool and Mini spool ok
  • Solid locked rearend only


  • Shocks Any steel shock
  • No shrader valves
  • No canister
  • Stock style suspension
  • No pull bars
  • One shock per corner